Lying Skunk

One thing that I really can’t tolerate is lying.  Not even little white lies.   Those little white lies can easily turn into something much worse.  But what’s worse is when you just LIE…FLAT OUT LIE.

Misty was one of those FLAT OUT Liars.  And she lied about skunks…So all around it was a stinky mess.

One day while we were out in the backyard, Misty’s neighbor yelled over the fence to us.  “Come smell Pookie, He got sprayed by a skunk last night! I want to see if you can still smell the skunk after we gave him a bath.”

Poor Pookie…a little Chihuahua.

The neighbors asked Misty to get a trap for the back porch from Animal Control to try to catch the skunks that were living between the two houses.   Misty said she would go the next day.   She didn’t.  I realize we all forget things that we say we’ll do…

About a week and a half later, we were out for dinner with the neighbors and they asked if she had any luck catching anything with the trap.   Her response was “not yet, maybe they’ve moved on.”   But the neighbors said they had just seen one the day before run under the fence into our yard.    We got in the car to head home and the first thing out of Misty’s mouth was “I guess I need to go get that damn trap tomorrow.”

I came home on Friday night and saw that the trap was on the back porch.  Saturday morning I woke up around 8am and lounged in my room for about 2 hours before venturing out.  Misty was in the living room; I saw that the trap was not set to catch anything so I mentioned it to her.  She said “oh we caught a skunk last night and animal control has already been here to take care of it.”    I knew immediately that she was lying.  My bedroom was at the front of the house and I hadn’t heard anyone come onto the very noisy driveway.    I just let it go…I don’t want to lose my free place to stay.

The trap continued to sit on the back porch for the next two weeks: not set to catch a thing.   After the alloted time, Misty returned the trap to Animal control.   And then a few days later, we were out to dinner again with the neighbors.   And the skunk question came up again.   They asked if we had caught anything, as they were frustrated that they hadn’t been able to catch anything.   Misty told them that we had caught 3 opossums but no skunks.  I couldn’t let her get away with lying…So I spoke up…”I thought we caught a skunk?!”      Good thing looks can’t kill.  I would be dead!!


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