Farting and Bathroom Breaks

I should have run…Why didn’t I just get an Uber and get out of there?  I figured I could deal with it.  The first thing I did was go buy some cleaning cloths and pledge.  I wasn’t going to live in Cobwebs (at least not in my part of the house)

I’m not always prim and proper and I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a gaseous person.  But IF I pass gas in front of another person, I always say “Excuse me”  Even if I’m with my family, we always say “Excuse me.”   We laugh about gas, but we also realize that it’s not polite to just release a doozy and not acknowledge it.  Well, I’m sure you can guess…Misty was the queen of doozies and never said “Excuse me” once.

Ok, I can deal with that (remember she’s letting me stay at her place for a few weeks for no charge)   But being able to hear someone use the toilet is gross.  There was a bathroom right next to my room and then one right next to the family room.   I realize that often when you live by yourself or you know you are home alone, you don’t always close the door to the bathroom.   But when you live with someone CLOSE THE DOOR.   There were many times we would be talking in my room and she’d go into the bathroom right next door and just leave it open.  We weren’t talking while she went, so it’s not like she needed to leave it open.  Or we’d be watching TV and during the commercial break she’d go to the bathroom and again leave the door open.

Trying to remember…I’ve got a free place to stay for awhile.


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