Cobwebs and Turds

So Misty offered to let me stay with her for a few weeks while I explored her city and tried to decide if moving back to the USA was really what I wanted to do.   I was so thankful for her willingness to host me.  As I mentioned in the last post, I was sure that she had to have matured since we were in Uni…my gosh it’s been so many years!!! (I won’t mention how many years since that would give away my age)

She picked me up at the airport and we get back to her place…The first thing I notice is COBWEBS!!  Not just one or two…TONS OF COBWEBS!   Now I’ll give her a bit of a benefit of the doubt here…Nope sorry, can’t…What can be said regarding a house full of cobwebs?  The only thing….she never cleans.  I’m the first one to admit that I’m spoiled rotten and I haven’t cleaned a house in years…My mom always had a house cleaner while I was growing up and then when living overseas, I had a domestic helper who cleaned for me.  That being said…If I had company coming and my cleaner wasn’t available to clean before they arrived…I could still clean my place for them.

After putting my luggage in my room, she proceeded to give me a tour of the house.  We walk into the master bathroom and as she is walking past the toilet into the huge walk-in closet, she reaches over and flushes the toilet.  I would probably not even have noticed the toilet but her flushing drew my eyes to it.   What was in there, you ask?!?!   The biggest turd I’d seen in a long time.   Not a “it didn’t all go down when flushed before” turd, but a “never been flushed” full-on turd.    I should have run then!!  But I didn’t!


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