Once annoying…Always annoying

Summer of 2015, I quit my job and was trying to decide if I was going to move back to the USA.   I decided to take sometime and visit the US for an extended time to see if a move back was the right move.   Knowing I wasn’t wanting to live back in my hometown again, I tried to think of a place that I knew people where I could spend a bit of time.  I found a place that 4 girlfriends from various points in my life (Two gals who also had lived overseas where I was, one from high school and one from Uni) currently lived.   I contacted them and asked questions about the city (they all loved it and highly recommended me living there).  When I mentioned wanting to come visit,  my friend from Uni offered for me to come stay for an extended time.   I took her up on the offer.

This gal…Let’s call her Misty.   When I was in Uni, Misty was two years behind me but we were in the same social group.  She was so annoying then, I put it down to being younger and being immature.  But my time at her place reminded me that once annoying, always annoying.  I thought she would have grown up/matured.  But she hadn’t.

So I booked my flight to town and planned to stay for about a month and a half.   I wanted to do a bit of job searching while I was there and knew that I needed to give it a bit of time. I could probably write about her and all of her craziness for hundreds of posts…But I’ve decided to keep it to four:  Cobwebs and turds; farting and bathroom breaks; threesome tinder date; lying skunk.




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