December 1st

I can’t believe there are only 31 more sleeps left in 2016.  Where did this year go?   It’s been the strangest year of my life.   I found myself crying more than smiling this year.

  • I rang in the new year, by myself…SICK!!  I went to visit a friend for New Year’s and was so sick that I had to miss out on the party.
  • I moved back to the USA. (after 8 1/2 years away)  Said goodbye to very, very dear friends.
  • I never thought that job searching was going to be so hard. (still not sure what I want to be when I grow up)
  • I am a social butterfly and I have struggled with not having anyone to hang with. (it’s my own fault…I haven’t made any effort to make new friends)
  • Since last December,  I have lost 5 friends to various things: mostly cancer.  All in their early 40’s (I don’t remember my parents losing friends when they were my age)
  • Tried online dating again…been out with quite a few guys, communicated with quite a few more…but…Nothing past the first date or two

Since this is not a depressing blog…I’ll think back on my fun times

  • Started my year in an amazing city with two amazing friends
  • Had some fun final nights in my home away from home with my girlfriends
  • Moved back to the USA and my dad’s being a blessing to let me stay rent free and drive the old mini-van
  • Visited my sister and her family a few times in California
  • Mini-Vacation in Sonoma, CA
  • Visited my best friend in Detroit twice
  • Got to go to my Alma Mater for two football games and a pro game squeezed in there too(I LOVE football)
  • Vacationed in Southern California (Disneyland, San Diego; friends and family)

and now it’s December.   My favorite month (besides April)




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