Holiday Part 5–6:15am

The alarm went off at 4:30am…UGH!!  According to the bus website, we needed to be at the station 45 minutes before the bus and we wanted to make sure that we got our luggage in the line so we could make sure to get seats together.   Thankfully you can now schedule an Uber in advance.  We scheduled one for pickup between 5:10-5:30.   He was very prompt and there right on time.

We got to the station, got our tags for the bags and took a seat.  The waiting area for the station was covered but not an actual room.  There were many people lying across the benches and I wasn’t sure if they were homeless or going on the bus, or both.

About 5:45 a bus rolled in with Los Angeles across the front,  people started to line up for it.  I wasn’t sure if it was my bus or not so I asked the driver.  It wasn’t the 6:15 bus with a stop in Long Beach it was the 5:35 bus (yes it was late) direct to Los Angeles.   Just as this bus was about to take off a guy and gal came running up.  They were trying to check-in and make sure they got her on the bus.  Then the bus took off.  The guy was furious, to say the least, and stormed off to his car while the gal tried to figure things out.   Finally, she realized that it wasn’t her bus, she was supposed to be on the 6:15; she got the guy out of his car and they sat down in the far corner of the waiting area.

After all that drama, the college student sitting in front of us woke up and asked where the 5:35 bus was.   It was gone.  He never heard an announcement.  Neither did we, that’s why I asked the bus driver.  The tickets lady and ticket taker argued with him about it and finally I decided to step in…I told them that there was no announcement.   The guy was thankful that I stepped in, but the ticket folks…Not so much.

Finally 6:15 came!  We did the same thing with our luggage and boarding…Sis got on and I waited for the luggage to be loaded.  As the bus was taking off…We saw the guy and girl who were so angry about missing the bus sitting in the corner just chatting away.  Having no idea that she actually just missed her bus.




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