Holiday Part 2

My favorite thing to do is go on Holidays.  I love seeing new places and even more…LAYING ON THE BEACH.   So after all the walking around at Disney and California Adventure, the beach was tops on my list of things to do.   But lay on them isn’t what happened.  Did you know that California gets cold?   I guess I should have since I know that the winds come from Alaska…But I figured that far south it wouldn’t be so cold.

A good friend of mine picked me up on Thursday and took me around to a few different beaches that he frequents.
Huntington Beach–Had lunch at a great little healthy place called Lemonade
Seal Beach–Put my feet in the very cold water
Long Beach–had a few beers
Manhattan Beach–Split a rack of ribs at Brewco


This guy…Can I just say, I love spending time with him.  Politically we couldn’t be farther from each other, but we always have such fun together and we love each other.  I’m sure that if we really tried to have a relationship our political views would drive us apart.  But it’s not an issue because he doesn’t want to get remarried and I want to get married someday…so we are really good friends.  😉

My sister arrived that evening and we stayed one night on the Queen Mary ship that is permanently docked at Long Beach.   I wouldn’t recommend an overnight there, but would recommend taking one of the tours.  It’s a beautiful old ship and is supposedly haunted.  Apparently, the guy in the next room had an encounter with a ghost.  In the middle of the night, I heard him scream out “Is someone there?  Is someone there?”  It was so funny.  That became the catch phrase of the rest of the weekend between me and my sister.


Friday morning, Sis and I self-toured the ship and then caught an Uber to the Greyhound Station.

The bus ride…It really needs a post all it’s own.


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