Holiday Part 1

I just got back into town after being gone for a week.  I went to California to meet up with a few different friends.  The first part of the week was in Anaheim visiting with two girlfriends and hitting the Disney Parks

Then a day with a guy…

Then another friend flew in that evening and we went to San Diego for about 40 hours.

Then caught the RedEye home.

Trip Day 1-3

Monday:  was just travel…Quick Layover in Chicago and then on to LAX.  Got an Uber from the airport to Anaheim.  It was so great to see my friends again.

Tuesday:  Disneyland:  Our hotel (Hotel Indigo) was within walking distance of Disney, so we started with a brisk walk to the park and then we were off…We got fast passes for every ride that offered it and rode many other rides while we waited for our assigned time.   We had lunch in “New Orleans” (ok so my French dip did leave much to be desired)   Dinner was over in Tomorrowland.   I ended up having a Salad and breadsticks.  There weren’t any fireworks that night so we didn’t stay until it closed.  We were tired.  I almost forgot to mention we had a DoleWhip Float!!   So YUMMY!!


Wednesday:  California Adventure:  Another brisk walk to the park.  As soon as we arrived, I knew I would like this one better.  It has a totally different feel.   I like Mickey and Minnie and friends…But if I never get another picture with them, I’ll be ok.  We headed straight for the roller coaster.  This was my first time doing a roller coaster that went upside down.  OH MY GOSH…I loved it.   It was also my first time to do the swings.    I’m trying to be more adventurous and every time I am…I’m finding I love it.  Why have  I let fear control me?  We had dinner at Wine Country Trattoria and that gave us front row seats for the World of Color water/light show.



 Here are my thoughts on the Disney Parks:

  • It’s Disney…How can it be bad?  It can’t.  It really is the happiest place on earth.  One of my big pet peeves is all the political crap that we are constantly being bombarded with and there was none of it there.  I didn’t see one person with a political t-shirt and never heard a word about it while waiting in line.  It was like I was in heaven.
  • Disneyland is more kid friendly, the majority of rides are slower and of course there are the characters and the mid-day parade.

    With that in mind, you will find so many more strollers here (more on that it a minute)

  • California Adventure is more adult friendly, more rides like upside down roller coaster and from what I could see more alcohol too.  (not sure I would want to do a ride after a beer though)
  • I definitely recommend getting the Fast Passes for any ride that offers it.  Made our wait time so little.  Also if you don’t mind riding with strangers…Ride as singles…you can get on a ride some much faster than having to ride together.  Most of the time we did this we were on the ride one after the other.
  • At both parks, I felt like a minority…we didn’t have any of the following in our group…1. strollers, 2. scooters/wheelchairs 3. brightly colored hair 4. tattoos.   I think every group in the park had one of those 4 things if not all four.


Strollers, scooters and wheelchairs…I don’t get it.  Why do you drag a kid who can’t enjoy the rides to an amusement park?  I realize they aren’t paying adult prices, but it’s still expensive.  Is the kid really going to remember the trip?   And if you are in a wheelchair, why are you going to an amusement park?  You can’t easily get in and out of the rides, and the rides you can ride are boring.

When I say brightly colored hair…I mean so bright!!  green, purple, blue, orange and even rainbow.

Tattoos…I’m tattoo free.  I’m not anti-tattoo…there is just nothing that I find I am so into that I would want it on my body for life.  I understand having something that has deep meaning or you find very beautiful…but I don’t understand some of the tattoos that I saw there.  Skulls and death and superheroes and villains, the artwork was good but the pictures were scary and to me, really represented the ugliness that is in the world.  I don’t understand why you would want that on your body.

More on the rest of my trip later


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