Ghosting…back from the grave

In my last post, I talked about online dating…one thing I mentioned was guys ghosting me after a few dates when they realized sex wasn’t going to happen.   Well a guy I went out with named Charlie did just that.  We had three dates, he asked me back to his place at the end of the 3rd one and I said no…Never heard anything from him again.  Then a little over a year later, I got an email from him.  We started a conversation via email.  Here’s the transcript of the email conversation:  (It’s a little long…)

CHARLIE: How are you doing? 

ME: Hi Charlie. Long time no see or hear. I’m good.  What are you up to?

CHARLIE: Yes, it’s been awhile! I’m sorry to ask but where did we meet?

ME: Are you just going through your address book trying to figure out who people are?

CHARLIE: No! I know who you are but I’m just trying to remember where we met

ME: Technically, we met online

CHARLIE: Yes, I remember that much but what site? I would just like to know what you remember about us.

ME: You know what this sounds like…the wife has found your account and is posing as you to get info about an affair. (Which didn’t happen). 3 dates with only lite pecks at the end. What concert did we see together?

CHARLIE: This is Charlie! I appreciate you picking up my things for me but I want to know your memory of us.

ME: Tell me what city we met in

CHARLIE: Maybe Little Rock?

ME: Not quite. About 7,000 miles away

CHARLIE: I’m sorry! I have had a lot to happen medically and my mind is gone. I’m in treatment and on a lot of medication.

ME: I’m so sorry to hear that. Where are you now?

CHARLIE: Atlanta

ME: When did this happen? Are you going to be ok? Are you in the hospital?

CHARLIE:I’m going to be fine but just trying to get my memory back. That’s why I’m asking the questions and want to know your memory of us.

ME: Do you remember any of your time in Asia?

CHARLIE: Yes, I’m sorry for bothering you. I just wanted to know what you thought about our time together. I know about Hong Kong but if you don’t want to share with me it’s fine

ME: I’m happy to share with you about our time together.   We had three dates:

  1. Went to a little wine bar until it closed then to a French bistro until we thought we could make the last train…we ended up missing the train and having to take taxis home
  2. Went for Chinese hot pot, then to a bar with a patio with a great view of the city. Here we made plans to go to the Jason Mraz concert
  3.  I met you at the concert…you were late because your flights got messed up. After the concert we rode the train back into town, we met the Airbnb person for your place, then went for a very late dinner and parted ways around 3am.

I never heard from you again until now.

CHARLIE: What year was this? Why did you pick my things up for me?

ME: I didn’t pick up your things?!?! Why do you think I did?

CHARLIE: (attached a pic of a letter he wrote to give me permission to pick up a package at the post office.)

ME: Oh that was the tickets to the concert. When we made the plans, you ordered the tickets and sent them to my address since you didn’t live there and were also going to be gone until right before show time. But I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver so I needed a letter from you to give approval to pick them up. When did you get sick?

CHARLIE: Thanks for the info.. please now leave me alone!

ME: Wow that’s quite rude!

CHARLIE: This is Charlie’s girlfriend and he’s beside me .. have a Goodnight!

And that’s how it ended.   If I could make things up this good, I’d be a millionaire.

The story gets even better too…

When we matched online, it said that he was 58.  I wasn’t keen on how much older he was, but I thought what the heck.  We had fun, but I was a bit worried about his age…He didn’t really seem to be 58, but he was.   Then when he sent me the permission letter to get the package, he also had to include a copy of his passport…The passport said that he was only 48.   I mentioned it to him and he said that the passport was correct and for some reason the dating site pulled it from his facebook incorrectly and he couldn’t fix it.  Weird, but ok.  Then when we got together for the concert, I thought…he didn’t seem to be 58 but now he seems older than 48 so his age was a problem either way.

Since I had that weird email conversation, I stalked him on Facebook.  One of his friends posted some pics of their group birthday celebration of them turning 60.  So his facebook page was correct and his passport isn’t?!?!

Any strange dating stories?


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