I’m in that weird stage of life. I’m older than one quarter and still a bit younger than two. I’ve never been married and I don’t have any kids. I’ve traveled the world and am kinda ready to settle down, well my version of settled down. I want to have a permanent place for my stuff and be able to use my stuff fairly regularly, but I don’t want to be stuck in one place too long. (Does that make sense?) I guess I want to be able to get up and go when I want and know that I have a real place to call home.

I was dating a guy a few years back and thought he was the one. BOY WAS I WRONG! Looking back, there were red flags everywhere. It’s amazing how true the statement “Love is blind” really is. Now that I’ve been out of the relationship, I can see how much I was settling and making excuses for his behavior.

I seem to find myself in places/jobs where I just don’t meet guys, so overall, I haven’t dated much. Now, I’m back in the dating scene and dating in the modern world has gotten worse. I still find myself in places where I don’t meet many guys, so I’ve joined the online dating world. But it is not real life. It’s my own personal, not-on-tv version of the bachelor(ette). I find myself “chatting” with more guys than I can keep up with. When in real life are you actually talking with 6-10 guys at one time?!? And then add the idea of continuing to search for the “perfect” one. Maybe someone I have more in common with, or am more attracted to is just one match away. We all know that they don’t exist…So why do we continue to add to our matches….It’s FOMO (fear of missing out…More on stupids acronyms and trending words in another post). I know that’s what’s going on in my mind…I’m sure that’s also going on in the guys as well. That brings up all kinds of issues of commitment, giving my heart away too soon, self-esteem…But this is supposed to be a blog about funny things…so I won’t go deep.

Since joining the online dating world, I’ve been on more first dates than I have fingers and toes. These first dates seem to end in one of 4 categories

  1. Find out after the date that they are actually married or in a long-term, serious relationship
  2. They are just passing through on business and just wanting a dinner companion (that’s ok, a girl’s got to eat, right?)
  3. Realize we are just meant to be friends — I’ve made some fun friends
  4. We actually see each other past the first date and then when he realizes I’m not going to have sex on the 3rd date, he just ghosts me. Seriously…Why do you think you get sex after three dates?!?!

Anyone else have these same thoughts, experiences on dating in the “modern” world?


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