Getting Started

I have so many thoughts running through my head as to where to start this blog.  My desire to be perfect is holding me back.  “You never have a second chance to make a first impression” keeps running through my mind.

Not that I have any readers right now anyways,  but I wonder, “what will my readers want to read and what will keep them coming back?”

I guess I should just get started.

I seem to spend a huge amount of time at Starbucks…It’s not an endorsement of Starbucks’ coffee but rather a place that I know I can find a seat (preferably a comfy chair; not a table) and I can meet up with friends (planned and unplanned), read my book, apply for jobs online, and most importantly people watch and listen.


There are days that I sit pretending to read my book and I’m really just listening to everyone in the shop.   Somedays, I walk out of here (yes, I’m writing this in Starbucks) and think “I love people” and other days I think “it’s a good thing that I’m not God, ’cause there is no way that I could love people.”

Hopefully most of my posts will be on days that “I love people”  and hopefully you will get a good laugh at the little snippets that my brain seems to put together.   Oh and if you know of a company that’s hiring…Let me know.

Time to move into those comfy chairs now and read my book.




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